PennAg Industries Association

PennAg Industries Association is an agriculture trade association with more than 600 business members and has been in existence since 1878. Our mission focuses on working to create and maintain an effective, viable and competitive environment for Pennsylvania agribusiness to grow and prosper.  Our members value their commitment to stewardship and want to share that story with others across the Commonwealth. Our members led the charge in forming a PA 4R Alliance to work with regulators, key influencers, farmers and others to spread awareness of the brand. The PA 4R Alliance received a PA NRCS CIG to promote 4R and the brand over the next 20 months.  Our primary efforts relative to 4R are in the areas of outreach, education, communications and promotion of their use in the field.

Contact Information
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 717-651-5920
Address:  2215 Forest Hills Drive, Suite 39 Harrisburg PA 17112-1099

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