Pinnacle™ Agriculture Holdings, LLC

Agriculture Holdings, LLC is a first-in-class agricultural retail distribution
business created through acquisitions and greenfield retail
establishments.  The company operates
through its Sanders®, Providence Agriculture™, Performance Agriculture™, AgOne
Application Services™, OptiGro®, Innvictis™, and Meridian™ brands, serving
growers across the United States. 
Pinnacle is multifaceted in its operations, which include seed
production and sales, agricultural chemical distribution, bulk handling of
fertilizer, precision agriculture services, and general merchandise for the
farming, livestock, and wildlife industries. 

core values are people, customer success, operational excellence, citizenship
and stewardship, innovation and ethics and integrity.  These values are applied in every aspect of Pinnacle’s
business to develop quality, long-term relationships with customers, suppliers
and employees.

inception, Pinnacle has been committed to the commercialization of new
technologies, recognizing the confidence, profit-potential, and time-saving
benefits they bring to valued grower customers.  As growers have sought to maximize the
productivity, profitability and sustainability of their acres, OptiGro® was
established with the goal of building the preferred, full-service precision ag
technology resource to farmers across the United States.

People and grower success are Pinnacle’s
leading core values.  The 4R nutrient stewardship
program contributes to these principles, as decisions based on the program provide
Pinnacle’s growers with a science-based approach to nutrient management.  Similarly, through Pinnacle’s state-of-the-art OptiGro® program, growers
are able to customize their nutrient decisions to improve economic performance
and increase productivity while reducing environmental impact (Right Rate – Right Product – Right Place –
Right Time

Pinnacle’s OptiGro®
program offers:

• Data-Based
Decision Tools from unbiased agronomy information

• Record keeping
for data analysis and improved planning

• Field Grade
internal farm and community benchmarking services

• Soil sampling
with web-based data analysis, accessible anytime

Variable-Rate prescriptions for seed and fertilizer

Variable-Rate custom application

• Pivot analysis
post-season yield assessment

The OptiGro®
platform uses real farm data reflecting real world farming conditions. OptiGro®
aggregates data across Pinnacle’s entire network, allowing identification of
relationships and trends.  This provides significant benchmarking and
predictive capabilities that are invaluable to growers.

OptiGro® is
a proud recipient of the PrecisionAg Crop Adviser / Entrepreneur Award of
Excellence for its role in helping farmers make better decisions.  In
addition, it has been recognized for its contribution to the environment, by
facilitating a more efficient use of inputs overall and reducing run-off.






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