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ProPlus Products, Inc. is a family owned business based in Florida with over 30 years of experience formulating, manufacturing, and distributing quality liquid nutrients for Florida golf, ornamental, and agriculture markets.  ProPlus sells their branded products direct and also private label for other companies. ProPlus has expertise in fertigation, nutrient products, service, education, and they are recognized for their environmentally innovative packaging and delivery methods.

ProPlus Products embraces and promotes the 4R’s as well as the Florida BMP standards in order to minimize the environmental impact to our state. As 6th generation Floridians, they share a love of our Florida landscape and waterways and want and need to do their part to protect the environemnt. The ProPlus liquid fertilizer manufacturing plant was designed to comply with BMP standards and operates accordingly. 

ProPlus Products has 30 years of experience with fertigation, an important concept in Florida. Fertigation helps reduce nutrient leaching, reduces labor  and fuel costs, and gives the grower complete control of nutrient application. Custom ProPlus brand liquids are formulated for our customers needs.

ProPlus educates and trains their sales team, plant staff, office staff and customers to assist in their personal efforts to be better environmental stewards.  

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