Pursell Agri-Tech LLC

The Pursell Family has been involved in the agricultural and specialty fertilizers business since 1904, and has long been a pioneering developer of premium controlled-release fertilizer technologies. Pursell Agri-Tech, based in Sylacauga, Alabama is committed to expanding on this legacy by developing and commercializing sustainable, next generation controlled release fertilizer and coating technologies that economically increase agricultural output and productivity while reducing the impact on the environment. The need for increasing yields and improving efficiency – all while delivering better margins to everyone in the value chain has never been greater. Pursell Agri-Tech stands with our partners in the agricultural industry in an effort to meet this challenge. We’re committed to developing next generation coating technologies that help today’s, and tomorrow’s, high-productivity crops meet their ultimate yield potential, with even greater efficiency and sustainability.

Pursell Agri-Tech’s Mission is to develop and commercialize next generation fertilizers to increase yields, enhance human nutrition, and improve environmental impact to water and climate. None of this is possible without adhering to the principles laid out by the 4R Nutrient Programs and working in conjunction together with partners from all industries to reach joint goals in support of Agriculture and the improved efficiency of nutrients utilized worldwide.

Contact Information
Website:  http://www.fertilizer.com/
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 205-335-7337
Address:  501 East 3rd st Sylacauga Alabama 35150

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