Reetz Agronomics

Reetz Agronomics is an independent agronomic consulting in high yield crop production systems, nutrient management systems, precision farming technology, and conservation management.  We provide support for field research and new technology development and evaluation, manage field research projects, and coordinate data collection and management.  In the education front, we assist in the development and delivery of training programs and conferences in relation the topics listed above.

Using 4R nutrient stewardship is essential to the fine-tuning of crop and soil management systems to utilize the best agronomic science, most economical management systems, and most environmentally responsible practices.  Meeting the global demands for food, feed, fiber, and fuel is only possible through 4R management.

In our research programs we try to develop and demonstrate 4R management, and our educational programs promote the adoption of 4R management. Our whole program is built around the 4R framework for nutrient management.

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