Rock River Laboratory, Inc.

Headquartered in Watertown, Wis., Rock River Laboratory provides production assistance to the agricultural industry and beyond, through the use of advanced analytical systems, progressive techniques, and research-supported analyses.  Employing a team of top specialists in their respective fields, Rock River Laboratory is built on providing accurate, cost-effective, and timely analytical results to customers, while featuring unsurpassed customer service.

Rock River Laboratory’s 40 years of agriculture analysis experience in the materials of soil, plant tissue, water, manure, and feedstuffs, among others, has provided the basis for breakthrough research, historical analysis data trend insights, and most importantly, industry trust. Dedicated to their customer’s business and at-home needs, Rock River Laboratory derives accurate, helpful solutions founded on research, technical expertise, field experience, and progressive techniques. 

Helping our customers achieve their goals is important to Rock River Laboratory, but so is dedication to helping our industry progress in growth and sustainability. Our success is only possible if we can bestow our knowledge and resources regarding conservation, sustainability, and protecting soil and plant health onto those around us.  4R nutrient stewardship is one way we can continue to drive the fertilizer management message and form relationships with complimenting programs, services and groups to exponentially grow the knowledge base of those who make these management decisions on a daily basis.   We also hope to give back to the program as both another message carrier, and as a sounding board.  Our work directly in the field gives us first-hand knowledge to identify best means to carry the message, and what constraints are affecting those we work with to help solve their challenges, while continuing dedication to proper fertilizer management.    

Agricultural analysis is the key to identifying the all 4Rs. Rock River Laboratory provides top-notch soil analysis to identify the correct rates to apply. We have integrated our analyses with variable rate technology in order to determine the right place. Our fertilizer and manure analyses take the guess work out of choosing the right source, and our plant tissue analysis identifies the right time. Detailed soil and plant tissue analysis not only identifies soil constraints, but assess these constraints to then provide timely recommendations for corrective fertilizer applications at the right amount – ultimately fulfilling the philosophy of 4R Nutrition Stewardship. Our nutrient management plan writing service provides producers with information that ties all 4Rs into one document.

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