Salford Group Inc.

Salford Group Inc. is an international manufacturer of agricultural equipment used for the application and incorporation of nutrients used in field crop production.  Salford equipment is also used to apply and manage cover crops, manage crop residue and soil productivity, and precision drill.

The optimum management of crop production nutrients is an economic and environmental necessity to ensure the agricultural industry can continue to provide the raw materials for food, feed and fuel, as well as many base materials that are essential to our lives and our economy.

A healthy society is absolutely dependent on a healthy soil and water supply and our role is to provide the equipment engineered to make possible the best management practices of application and incorporation while ensuring producer profitability.

Salford products are designed for economical, accurate delivery and incorporation of all forms of crop nutrients. Our machinery is capable of placing the right nutrients at the right time at the right rate and in the right place.  In addition, we can manage crop residues and soil density in a manner that improves soil health and minimizes the risk of erosion by wind and water.  Our product line includes machinery that greatly improves a crop producer’s ability to profitably include cover crops in their cropping operations.


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