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Better data is relevant to your region, your farm, and your soil. SciMax Solutions, a division of MaxYield Cooperative, specializes in Big, local Data. Our Solutions Specialists work with you to customize a plan for your specific farm, using the knowledge gathered from more than 550,000 local acres and 400 layers of agronomic data.

The days of “plant the seed, fertilize the soil, and harvest the crop” are long gone. To succeed in farming today, you’ve got to think like a CEO. Sharing information and insights with your forward thinking peers helps you do just that, and creates a synergy that will take your farm management skills to a whole new level.

The SciMax Learning Group is your source for introducing leading-edge precision farming concepts. Combined with expert guidance from the SciMax Solutions Specialists, you’ll have the innovative resources you need to increase your yields and profits.

  • Grid Soil Sampling – gives you a field-by-field, customized action plan for better fertilizer placement and utilization in your fields
  • Variable Rate Planting – creates population prescriptions based on your past yield history, genetics, fertility, and many more factors
  • Nitrogen Management – puts the science into nitrogen management, placing the right amount, on the right acre, at the right time
  • Learning Group – Share information and insights with your forward thinking peers and create a synergy that will take your farm management skills to a whole new level.
  • SciMax Nitrogen Solutions makes nitrogen management science work for our customers.

If you’re in precision farming, you’re asking the question, “What’s the right rate of nitrogen for my field?” There are many variables that go into the process for determining a variable rate nitrogen recommendation. In collaboration with our nationally recognized soil nutrient expert, Dr. Rick Vanden Heuvel, we’ve developed an exclusive nitrogen management process that is so innovative that it has been legally protected as a registered trade secret.

In four years of research and in-fields studies, we found that our producers experienced an average reduction of 20-25 pounds of nitrogen and an overall increase in nutrient use efficiency.

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