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Simplot, though vast in scope – with facilities in 14 countries and four continents, employing approximately 10,000 people – conducts its business with a simple philosophy: to do well by honoring our commitments, Respect for People, Spirit of Innovation, and Passion for People. The 4R nutrient stewardship program fits perfectly within the ideals of Simplot. The Company is committed to the responsible stewardship of the Earth’s resources. The diverse nature of the Company footprint ranges from producing food for consumers to providing nutrients for farmers and ranchers who feed the world. As a generational company, the foundation for our corporate citizenship strategy is our fundamental belief in the managing for decades to come, not on short-term results for the next quarter or next year. We refer to this as “Sustainable Simplot.” This strategy involves commitments that include the responsible management of air, land and water resources with an eye towards minimizing impact to our surroundings. The 4R’s of fertilizer use form a pillar within Simplot’s Sustainable vision.


  • AVAIL®: Phosphorus Fertilizer Enhancer– A phosphate fertilizer additive that greatly increases the efficiency of applied phosphate applications.  AVAIL surrounds applied phosphate with a virtual shield to block the bonds of attraction between P and chemical elements in your soil, thus freeing more available phosphate for your crops to utilize.
  • NutriSphere-N®: Nitrogen Fertilizer Manager– A nitrogen additive that greatly increases the efficiency of applied nitrogen applications.  NutriSphere-N works to reduce both leaching and volatilization of nitrogen, thus greatly improving a plants ability to better utilize the applied nutrient.
  • Simplot Grower Solutions: Agronomy Services and Consulting – Grower Solutions are Simplot’s retail outlets that offer a wide array of services that include the latest in proven technologies and consulting services. Simplot agronomists provide growers with the tools and services they need to implement the 4R consistent program.
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