We are passionate about using technology to help farmers understand and improve their soil health to grow better crops and feed the world. SoilOptix® is committed and inspired to bringing agriculture a new one-of-a-kind, affordable soil analysis system that sets a new standard for accuracy in precision agriculture. Offering much more than traditional soil measurement practices, SoilOptix® delivers the highest definition and most detailed field nutrient maps obtainable today and gives growers a deeper understanding of the variability in fertility and textural-based properties of their soil. This empowers growers to make the best decisions for management and soil stewardship.

SoilOptix Inc. was established in February 2017 as a partnership between Hubei Forbon Technologies, a large, progressive Chinese fertilizer company and Practical Precision, an influential precision ag-technology company in southwestern Ontario. SoilOptix® is operated by Practical Precision’s owners Paul and Barry Raymer out of Tavistock, Ontario. It’s their vision of pushing boundaries in agriculture that has been the driving force in bringing SoilOptix® technologies to a commercial market and combatting the status quo of soil sampling.

The SoilOptix® scanner detects gamma radiation rays emitted by the soil to provide a complex picture of its condition at 335 points of data per acre, taken along with physical soil samples that are integrated into our readings to understand the variability in nutrients and textures across the field. SoilOptix® uses proprietary software to translate this information into high definition digital maps and generic shapefiles to be loaded into any GIS platform. The scan measures and maps all common nutrient properties along with various soil textures, plus plant available water and bulk density. The resulting data is VRA ready to maximize seeding and input performance.

Nutrient Stewardship is extremely important to SoilOptix®, and our mission is closely aligned with that of the 4R initiative. One of SoilOptix®’s goals is to provide growers with the opportunities to be as environmentally, socially, and economically conscious as possible.

We give growers the capability to implement 4R Nutrient Stewardship practices precisely with our comprehensive scans that provide an in-depth look at exactly what your soil needs for optimum health and sustainability for the growth of crops. Because every square foot of soil is different, growers can determine exactly the right source of nutrients their soil needs at the exact right rate. Paired with the right place and right time, growers can maximize yields and minimize over-fertilization and other environmental losses.

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