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Solutions 4Earth® is a soil and environmental science company specializing in next-generation, non-toxic nutrients aimed to stimulate vigorous crop growth, increase crop yields, enhance quality and improve waste management in a safe, environmentally friendly manner. Our primary mission is simple – to help improve farm productivity, profitability and sustainability. We accomplish this by surrounding ourselves with a team of professionals that are skilled in soil management and educated in understanding how soil biology interacts with plant biology, as well as by offering a fertilizer product line that helps plants and soil work together to strengthen each other – today and for years to come.

Who we are and what we believe as a company mirrors what the 4R Nutrient Stewardship Program represents. Our saying “Understanding soil is our business. Providing agriculture solutions is what we do.” is not just a tagline. At Solutions 4Earth, we believe that soil is the soul to agriculture. Plants are only as healthy as the soil it roots itself within. Everything done to the soil is done to the plant, which is why we treat soil with the utmost care. Soil science is the key to true sustainability and as a company we pride ourselves in helping our customers achieve balanced and sustainable agricultural environments.

The 4R concept means using the right fertilizer source, at the right rate, at the right time, with the right placement. We help do all four, with the key focus on the right source. We know everyone in business is always looking for ways to get ahead and although we need to do more with less, we must do it in the right way. Leading growers use soil management strategies – nutrient management, reduced tillage, cover crops – in their efforts to improve fertility, maximize yield and reduce ecological impact. Our team helps customers with applying the right fertilizer source from our line of products at the right rate, the right time and with the right placement.

Solutions 4Earth is committed to developing the soil nutrition products needed to rise to the challenge of feeding the world’s growing population. We accomplish this by addressing the right source. Our Nutricor® product contains a balanced blend for macro and micro nutrients, plus additional carbon additives, providing nutrients to the plant and microorganisms around the plant roots. When coupled with a sound fertility program, the use of Nutricor at planting in-furrow can help plants root out better for better crop establishment and nutrient interception. All of our in-field research is geared to finding ways to utilize Nutricor to decrease use and increase efficiency of fertilizer. Studies continually show our product does just that.

Consistent with right rate and right time, all research on our products address determining the correct use rate, as well as physiological crop stage and timing, to obtain the best utilization and yield advantage of the products applied. We are passionate about using our products with other critical nutrients with ideal timing according to crop stage to reduce the common “up-front” use of fertilizers.

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