The Chesapeake 4R Alliance

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The Chesapeake 4R Alliance is a collaboration among Maryland & Delaware agricultural industry, academic institutions, environmental organizations, and government entities to advocate and facilitate 4R best management practices for all plant nutrient applications.

Our mission is to increase the adoption of 4R practices on farms in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed by communicating the economic and environmental benefits of 4R nutrient use efficiency to farmers and public policy influencers.

The Chesapeake 4R Alliance (C4R) will provide 4R Nutrient Stewardship leadership to agricultural stakeholders through:

  • Evaluating
    the environmental and economic benefits of 4R Nutrient Stewardship and sharing
    this information with farmers in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed;
  • Facilitating
    consistent messaging among partners and stakeholders about 4R Nutrient
    Stewardship in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed;
  • Expanding
    field-specific adoption of 4R practices;
  • Supporting
    the continual improvement and development of 4R practices;
  • Communicating
    grower successes in the implementation of 4R Nutrient Stewardship;
  • Advocating
    with state and federal agencies for reasonable policies and protocols.
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Address:  P.O. Box 86 Greenwood DE 19950

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