Topcon Agriculture

Topcon Agriculture is a wholly owned subsidiary of Topcon Positioning Systems and Topcon Corporation. We are a manufacturer of Precision Agriculture tools and technologies which include: GNSS positioning, guidance and auto steering systems, rate control and variable rate application systems including “On the Go” crop canopy sensors, software for developing variable rate prescriptions as well as analyzing data with GIS for decision making. We also offer solutions for communicating data collected or developed between the remote vehicle and the office or other desired locations. Our customers include family and corporate owned farms, agricultural contractors as well as agronomic service providers and crop consultants. Our solution suite encompasses planning and planting through harvest. We also provide many of these solutions and technologies to original equipment manufacturers around the world enabling the technologies to become standard factory equipment or options.


We believe that the message of the 4R’s and the value proposition of Precision Agriculture are very much aligned. As Topcon Precision Agriculture our mission statement is “Driving farm profitability through technology made easy”. We believe that the message of the 4R’s and specifically the Right Rate, Right Place and Right Time are all very relevant and also enabling or supporting of these ideals. The tools of Precision Agriculture, specifically, Auto Steering, Rate Control and Variable Rate Application create tremendous in field efficiencies. The messages that these technologies support both environmental efficacy as well as help support sustainability of agriculture as an industry are important messages for the public to recognize.  Topcon as a global corporation is working to enable sustainable productivity for our growing world and we believe that alignment of our Agricultural market message with the 4R’s initiative will support that global objective.

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