United Soils, Inc

This partner can help with the Right Place, Right Rate, Right Source, Right Time,

Soils, Inc., a private company established in 1993, is based out of Fairbury,
IL.  It provides soil & tissue field
collection, lab analysis, precision ag & agronomy support to much of the
Midwest and Southern bordering states.

Our Services Include:

  • Online
    work orders for soil, tissue, nitrate & cyst tests.
  • Geo-reference
    soil collection & analysis.
  • Plant
    tissue collection & analysis.
  • Soil
    nitrate collection & analysis.
  • Soil
    sample pick-up from your location.
  • Lab
    tests for primary, secondary & micronutrients for crop fertilization needs.
  • Soybean
    cyst nematode (SCN) testing.
  • Corn
    nematode testing.
  • Full
    season crop scouting.
  • I.F.A.R.M.
    precision ag web-based software.
  • Full
    Report Options for Soil Test Data, Yield Analysis, Soil Type Maps, Spread Application Reports,
  • Agronomy
    support for retail ag chemical & fertilizer dealers on the business side of
    precision agriculture.

A primary mission of our business is to help our clients establish standardization of their precision ag process(es) and data.  Standardization promotes planning, repeatability, consistency… and ultimately sustained growth and profitability.  4R is a philosophy / solution that supports this standardization mission; encouraging responsible agronomic practices to increase food output to feed an ever-growing world population.

Right Source:  The source we refer to is that of accurate soil and/or tissue data.  USI feels there is nothing more important than data derived from accurate soil and/or tissue testing and recommended lab analysis methods.

Right Rate: Our precision animated gif software (coupled with proper university-based equations / state requirements and proper lab methods), allows ag professionals to analyze soil, tissue, and yield data to make the appropriate fertilizer application rates for a given field.  

Right Place: Proper placement of product is as important as proper rates.  Our software shows where nutrient measurements are already at critical levels, meaning there is no need to apply fertilizer in those given areas.  It is important that our customers are able to make agronomically, environmentally, and financially sound fertilizer decisions regarding variable rate applications.

Right Time: We are staffed with graduate degreed / experienced agronomists who can guide / advise ag professionals in the proper distribution and timing of products regardless of geographic region, crop choice / rotation, or philosophical approach.

Contact Information
Website:  www.unitedsoilsinc.com
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 815-692-2626
Address:  108 South Crystal Lane Fairbury IL 61739

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