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United Suppliers, Inc is made up of four divisions that include the Fertilizer Division, Feed Division, Chemical Division and Business Article Division. Sustainability is the key word as to the success and longevity of our business. Having the right sources of fertilizer nutrients, in the right locations for usage, at the right time, allows our customers to meet the growers’ crop nutrient needs. Our goal is profitability starting at the grower level and working through the channel. We promote proper nutrient use rates by crop and region, incorporate value added products that enhance nutrient utilization, and enlist the latest technology methods for proper application.

United Suppliers has two Ph.D. Agronomists on staff to assist our territory managers, dealers and growers with proper soil nutrition recommendations. We prescreen new products and technologies and make recommendations that promote sustainable agriculture. These recommendations are in compliance with federal, state and local regulations. All recommendations fall under best management practices and promote the principles laid out by the 4R nutrient stewardship concept.

We offer risk management services to our members for safety, compliance, and regulatory resources.


United Suppliers has liquid and dry terminals across the Midwest that offer high quality plant nutrients to the dealer network. We handle the major N, P, and K products as well as a variety of minor elements. New product technology such as nitrogen enhancement products, controlled release nitrogen, and phosphate enhancement products are part of our value added product portfolio. Liquid blends can be processed at many of our liquid terminals, allowing for prescription formulations to meet grower nutrient needs.

We promote split applications of plant nutrients, starting with a variety of proprietary starter fertilizers. Split application methods allow plant nutrition to be applied when the crop needs them. This reduces the amount of nutrient loss due to leaching, volatilization, denitrification, and other forms of nutrient degredation. This also ties into variable rate technology.

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