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Vital Fertilizers Company was founded in 2010 but we have more than 25 years of experience in crop nutrition. We are located in Mission, Texas and serve the Rio Grande Valley area as well as a selected distribution network. Our main goal has been always to improve profitability for our farmers by reducing farming risk, and one important part of it, is the plant nutrition issue. We believe that a well fed plant will better resist stress caused by pests, weather or improper irrigation. All these can be properly managed if you have a healthy and strong plant supported by a special nutrition program from planting until harvest. Our focus is mainly in water soluble fertilizers formulas specifically developed as part of a complete plant nutrition program for any crop with the purpose of obtaining maximum yields and quality produce. We help farmers in their crop nutrition programs in South Texas and making our approach rapidly in different regions of Texas.

Vital Fertilizers believes that 4R Nutrient Stewardship helps in sustainable crop production systems on sustainable nutrient use. These 4R principles help to raise awareness in farming community in use of fertilizer from the right source, apply at the right rate, at the right time and right place. All Vital Fertilizers formulations are involved with reasoning behind its use of what quantity, type, time, and place. Vital fertilizers want to volunteer the responsibility of publicizing the importance of 4R principles and its beneficial impact on the society, economy and environment.

Soludrip® is our brand name that consists of a wide range of water-soluble NPK formulations specifically designed by crop and by phenological stage. This means that each crop has specific nutrients requirement because of its nature, and also has different nutrients requirement throughout its life cycle, according to its phenology.

With this idea in mind, Soludrip® has actually developed 29 different crops under 29 different plant nutrition programs that includes nearly 90 water-soluble NPK formulae. Each crop has its own balanced formulations specially designed to fulfill its nutrients requirements.

Just in Time® is a user-friendly software designed for Soludrip® in order to dose a nutrient solution correctly taking into account:

n order to dose a nutrient solution correctly taking into account:

a)      Crop

b)      Phenological stage

c)      Irrigation system

Once the farmer has determined the first two options, he has to establish his irrigation equipment parameters like drip tape spacing, emitter flow, and row space, to determine linear feet of drip tape per acre as well as the fertigation timing and acreage.

Al this calculation leads the farmers to apply nutrients correctly using the:

Right Source: pure and selected raw materials as balanced NPK water-soluble fertilizers. All of them technical grade or greenhouse grade; 100% orthophosphate; highly concentrated.

Right Rate: the exact dose required by the plant and according to the irrigation water volume. Fertigation is done at the end of irrigation time so nutrient solution remains close to the root zone with no lixiviation. Rate is also defined by the type of crop and its phenological stage needs.

Right Time: applied through irrigation water and according to the phenological stage of a specific crop. Every time that the crop needs to be watered and feeded.

Right Place: applied through drip irrigation in the root zone or with knives close to the root zone. Due to the fact that the farmer controls fertigation time vs irrigation time, the product is deposited near the root system.

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