Waters Agricultural Laboratories, Inc.

Agricultural Laboratories, Inc. is committed to providing timely, accurate
analytical data allowing you to make sound agronomic decisions.  We
provide superior laboratory services second to none and our experienced and
knowledgeable staff is here to help you make the most of your lab analysis. Now
with 3 fully operational laboratories to serve you, we invite you to improve
your growth…with science!

Dr. Raymond L. Waters established
Waters Agricultural Laboratories, Inc. in 1976.  Dr. Waters’ credentials
included comprehensive academic training at the University of Georgia in
soils, soil fertility and plant nutrition, 18 years as owner of a fertilizer
plant in Southwest Georgia and six years of commercial experience as chief
agronomist for a national fertilizer company.  Under his leadership,
Waters Agricultural Laboratories, Inc. experienced steady growth and with the
foundation he created that growth continues today.

In 2000 we opened our second
location in Owensboro, KY and in 2014 we opened our third location in Warsaw,

Waters Agricultural Laboratories,
Inc. now maintains three state-of-the-art facilities offering the latest in
equipment and technology. All three locations are fully staffed with
Agronomists, Chemists, Microbiologists, Technicians, and other professionals,
with many years of service and experience.

We will continue to expand our
facilities and services in order to bring our customers the quality results
they have come to expect.

Being able to provide our
customers with the analytical services and tools to help them implement and
achieve the 4R’s is key to our business.

Waters Agricultural
Labs has been serving the Agricultural Community for over 38 years.  As the Ag Industry grows, we strive to grow
with it.

The right timing is vital when following any nutrient
management program.  Waters Agricultural
Laboratories, Inc. recommends soil sampling in the late fall to early winter
and tissue sampling routinely throughout the growing season.

We offer crop
specific soil and tissue analyses which provide the accurate fertilizer rates
needed for optimum growth and yield.
Along with these tests, we also offer custom application maps that allow
the customers to apply the right source and rate
of fertilizer in the right place.    By following our recommendations, customers
will be better able to prepare for the upcoming growing season.

In addition to
providing quality soil and tissue analyses, we also offer nematode assays,
fertilizer testing, manure sludge analysis, irrigation water analysis, feed
& mycotoxin analysis, microbiological analysis and pesticide residue

By utilizing the
services we offer, our customers can fully incorporate the 4R’s into their
agricultural practices and make the most of their nutrient management programs.

Contact Information
Website:  www.watersag.com
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 229- 336-7216
Address:  257 Newton Road P.O. Box 382 Camilla GA 31730

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