Waypoint Analytical

Waypoint Analytical is arguably the largest agricultural laboratory network in the United States, and has established itself as the most reliable and timely provider of agricultural soil test data. Founded in 1971 as A&L Analytical Laboratories in Memphis, TN, we have been providing quality testing services for over 40 years. Our intensive quality control, competitive pricing, expert agronomy support, and superb customer service all combine to create a seamless process for our clients.

As a network of soil testing laboratories, we are the first stop for determining the current nutrient levels in soil. Upon that foundation is where all proper nutrient management plans are built. Therefore, it is critically important that we provide timely and accurate data to our clients, allowing them to make the best decisions possible. Our expert team of agronomists are also happy to help our customers understand their results, and provide whatever support is necessary for them to make the proper nutrient applications to minimize environmental damage and maximize yield.

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Website:  http://www.waypointanalytical.com
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Address:  2790 Whitten Rd. Memphis TN 38133

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