Willard Agri-Service

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Willard Agri-Service is an independently owned, full service agricultural retailer located in the Mid-Atlantic region and headquartered in Frederick, MD.  We are committed to helping our customers reduce their risk, solve problems and increase their profits.  Our focus is on plant nutrition using liquid fertilizer products.  We offer a wide variety of services to support our customer’s profitability while simultaneously helping them improve their environmental footprint.   Willard has been in business for 45 years and is owned by the Willard family.

4R nutrient stewardship is at the heart of our organization.  Since the beginning of our company we have focused on 4R nutrient management and customizing crop protection and nutrition packages on a field by field basis.  We desire to be the leader in environmental stewardship in our geographic footprint and the 4Rs is an excellent platform upon which to communicate our positive stewardship message both internally with employees and customers as well as externally with the pubic.

Through our Eco Nutrition®, Footprint Management® and High Q® platforms we offer:

Customized fertility plans on a field by field basis

-Spatial GPS mapping and record keeping of planting and yield data that can be analyzed at every level from within the field to macro community data benchmarking

-Plant tissue sampling with in-season recommendations

-Soil sampling and nutrient management plan creation compliant with all relevant state regulations

-Nitrogen modeling for corn to enable better in-season decision making on nitrogen rates, timing and source in alignment with realistic yield goals

-Advanced bio stimulant and nutritional technology that balances crop nutrition plans and provides optimal uptake and efficiency of all nutrients

-Crop Surveillance by professionally trained agronomy staff to ensure crops remain healthy, pest free and nutritionally balanced throughout their entire production cycle.

Contact Information
Website:  www.willardag.com
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 301-662-8100
Address:  50 S. Wisner Street Frederick MD 21701

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