Wolf Trax, Inc.

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At Wolf Trax, we improve plant health by developing innovative, research-proven micronutrient and secondary nutrient technologies backed by professional technical support for the agriculture and horticulture industries. Wolf Trax offers growers a portfolio of plant nutrient products designed to be accessible to plants when the nutrients are needed.

Scientifically designed for better plant availability and earlier uptake, Wolf Trax DDP Nutrients deliver important nutrients in a way that is highly effective at getting into the crop to benefit a farmers return on investment. Wolf Trax products are highly concentrated, so retailers and farmers can handle less product volume. In addition to plant nutrition performance, farmers and agricultural retailers reap benefits such as improved handling safety, environmental stewardship and fuel savings when they choose Wolf Trax products. These benefits show how the Wolf Trax philosophy of Better Nutrition results in Better Farming.

At Wolf Trax, we feel that our innovative and patented technologies offer both growers and crop input retailers with unmatched performance in micronutrient and secondary nutrient technologies.  Our fertilizer products are manufactured from feed-grade raw ingredients, and they are intended for use as a fertilizer coating at rates similar to crop removal and for placement near the plant roots for early and easy access by the crop.

The family of DDP Nutrients available include

• 18.5% Boron DDP

• 27.0% Calcium DDP

• 57.5% Copper DDP

• 47.0% Iron DDP

• 30.0% Magnesium DDP

• 33.0% Manganese DDP

• 62.0% Zinc DDP

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