4R Research Updates

TFI staff has worked with the American Society of Agronomy to publish 4R research updates in the Crops and Soils Magazine. The projects funded through the 4R Research Fund is providing the science needed to use fertilizers sustainably—remaining profitable while protecting the environment and benefiting society.


Copper 4R Management – Deficiency or Toxicity?

Managing at a System Level—Considering 4R Nutrient Stewardship and Soil Health Together

The 4Rs and potassium

How do the P Index and 4R work together?

4R history and recent phosphorus research

How do recommendation systems and nitrogen recovery efficiency work together?

Phosphorus management research and the 4Rs

4R decisions for boron fertilization

Calcium: Improved plant health and nutrition through 4R management

The 4Rs in crop nitrogen research

4R nutrient stewardship and nitrous oxide losses

What about the 4Rs for zinc fertilization?

4R nitrogen fertilizer management in cotton production

4R practices for fertilizer management in potatoes

How 4R nutrient stewardship research helps us interpret sustainability science

4R framework implementation: precision ag adoption by farmers and dealers

Iron Availability and Management Considerations: A 4R Approach

4R nitrogen management when integrating canola into semi‐arid wheat

Watershed‐scale phosphorus balances to establish reasonable water quality expectations 

Data Management and Variability:Precision Agriculture Considerations for 4R Management Planning

Examining Environmental Sustainability Metrics—Nitrogen Balance